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NPA for Women 15ml - New Pheromone Additive - unscented

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  • NPA for Women 15ml - New Pheromone Additive - unscented

    NPA Womens Pheromones are new pheromone additives
    They contain the same amount of pheromones as sprays (5mg). This is 5 times the concentration of the old PA (Phero Additive).
    NPA is designed to be used simultaneously or even mixed with your favourite fragrance.
    2 drops on your skin or clothing are sufficient. Caution: do not use too much - this is a concentrated solution!
    If you want to mix it permanently, you should add 15ml NPA to 50ml of perfume/ EdT/aftershave.

    Ingredients: Alcohol denat, pheromones (Estratetraenol + 2 undisclosed pheromones), water, propylene glycol

    Concentrated solution in a 15ml dropper bottle

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    It was My first time that I have tried Pheromone , I had hight expectation for this product , I fowl ... more
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