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P6 Super, neutral scent, 25ml Pheromones

P6 Super, neutral scent, 25ml Pheromones

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Combine your favorite scent with the incomparable effect of high concentrations of pheromones.
P6 Super, neutral scent, Pheromones supplies you with a secret weapon in the war for attention and higher sex appeal. The doubles concentration of pheromones raise your chances for success with women who have the nose to sense an attractive man when he stands before them. These sexual messenger substances have proven themselves for more than 25 years and are constantly being developed further. All that is left for you to do is be yourself and let your new charm and self-confidence do the rest. You will see, it really does work.
Use P6 to enhance your success with women and experience a real boost in your life’s quality. No more excuses will be accepted.
Here’s to your fulfilling love life!


Author: dae lae
This one works for me ;-) Oil of patchouli and 44 sprays does the trick for a seperated 49 year old male. Getting the attention is the hard part, this certainly gets it from the females in my age range. Fast delivery and an easy to use site. Thank you.

5 of 5 Stars!
Author: Thorsten Krüger
So once a very great praise! Super fast shipping! Two days after the order and the package was there. Now to the effect: I tried it last Saturday, because I wanted to know whether it really works. And? IT REALLY WORKS! Three small sprayer have served perfectly. It took some time until it has struck with our female companions, but the four girls, with whom we were gone, were the whole evening just in my area, which previously was never the case. This naturally caused a very strange reaction from the partners of two girls. But I must say that this experiment has succeeded in the evening. I can only recommend.

4 of 5 Stars!
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