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Realm Men Eau de Cologne 100ml

Realm Men Eau de Cologne 100ml

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Realm Men Eau de Cologne is your secret weapon in the war for attention and devotion. Its warm scent cloaks you in an aura of sympathy, however the true secret lies in the specially picked pheromones.
Via the olfactory sense they address the subconscious and enable your attractiveness to experience a prompt boost. Ensure the “special something” about yourself, the asset nobody else seems to have! The effect commences automatically – thus, ideally, all that will be left to you is to emit competence and self-esteem. This gives you good chances to impress someone you just met.

Try it, you will turn into an irresistible person! Combined with C18, Pheromax, or P6, you will be able to cover a far larger spectrum of pheromone power and thus raise your chances for quick success searching for interesting females – and, of course, a long and blissful relationship.


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