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PHEROMAX Man Pheromone Perfume, neutral scent

PHEROMAX Man Pheromone Perfume, neutral scent

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The art of successful seduction lies not in expensive suits, flashy wrist watches, or big cars. The most successful men act just like themselves – in all walks of life.
Pheromax Man is a highly concentrated pheromone perfume that directs female attention straight toward your personal assets.
It contains 5 mg of pheromones at the least. They directly address the subconscious and ensures you the unshared attention of the females you are interested in. Combined with AndroVita, your chance of success is far higher, as you cater for the entire spectrum of pheromones mankind is receptive to.

This perfume has a neutral scent and can be worn as an addition to the perfume or after shave you normally use.
Not only Pro7 was taken by the effect. Try for yourself straight away!


Author: WALID Ali
Hi I just want to say thank you fast delivery and a excellent product I will be order again you got customer for life

5 of 5 Stars!
Author: Quoc Phong Vo
So, last night I went with some friends in the disco and have tested this product and it really works! I met an old friend of mine and we welcomed. After a few minutes she came with her friend over to me and danced in front of me, which really was never the case. In ordinary times we greeted us and that's it! After some time I went to another hall. I stood there, relatively close to two women and one of them has seen me and she slowly came closer. She danced around in front of me and touched me more 'by chance'....: D Many women have also kept eye contact with me very often, but maybe it has nothing to do with Pheromax because I have will (imagined without now) otherwise also be viewed... However, I use Pheromax in combination with the Andro Vita perfume! So I can only recommend it. Greets, phong

4 of 5 Stars!
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