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PHEROMAX Man Pheromone Perfume, neutral scent

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  • PHEROMAX Man Pheromone Perfume, neutral scent

    The art of successful seduction lies not in expensive suits, flashy wrist watches, or big cars. The most successful men act just like themselves – in all walks of life.
    Pheromax Man is a highly concentrated pheromone perfume that directs female attention straight toward your personal assets.
    It contains 5 mg of pheromones at the least. They directly address the subconscious and ensures you the unshared attention of the females you are interested in. Combined with AndroVita, your chance of success is far higher, as you cater for the entire spectrum of pheromones mankind is receptive to.

    This perfume has a neutral scent and can be worn as an addition to the perfume or after shave you normally use.
    Not only Pro7 was taken by the effect. Try for yourself straight away!


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  • Reviews
    Hi I just want to say thank you fast delivery and a excellent product I will be order again you got
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Quoc Phong Vo
    So, last night I went with some friends in the disco and have tested this product and it really work
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - anonym
    Very good support in order to get to your destination faster. Eight out of ten women react to it. If
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Otmar Bücherl
    Very fast delivery. I am satisfied as always. Thank you very much!
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - men25:::)
    Everything's great!!! As always!!
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - xxy
    Very good pheromone product. In my opinion the only true, since one of thousands of other manufactur
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Lukasz Goldner
    Everything is great!
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Schiriki
    I have tested this fragrance very often and am really delighted with the results. My personal impres
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - MrWrangler
    After a personal assessment, I can recommend the product
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Mario Günther
    Unbelievable, but it works. You will come in conversation faster with women and then it depends on y
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Michel Küssner
    Just arrived. Super fast delivery! I will test it later (from Sunday to Tuesday.
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Ron
    Hello all together. As I have perused the entries here, any means is here dismissed as a panacea. I
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - ChrisausLEV
    Hello, I had ordered the pheromones from the USA so far, but they were always caught at customs and
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Pole
    The perfume does not show its effect immediately and you can see the effect is not easy, but after l
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - hansi
    I have tested it. I was very critical of the thing and just wanted to know if it really works. In th
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Mr pimper
    Wow! I am the new 'Adonis' of my school!
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Player
    Correct! This morning, get sprayed on it and my colleague went off like a suppository.
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Marc
    Beautiful good day! I was also sceptical at the beginning ... bla bla ... I'm not average, but rathe
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - christoph b.
    The stuff is fantastic and it works really great!!!
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Peterle
    Thank you for that horny stuff, it works great with it. Hehe. Until then. Peter.
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - anonym
    Tuesday morning: two a' clock ordered and on Wednesday it was there. Wednesday at 20:00 I went into
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Da Don (-:
    I think it's just plain gross, the stuff you should have the gallon at home! The best still make som
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Tommy
    Hello together, I bought Pheromax yesterday and I tested it for the first time and the stuff is amaz
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