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Press commentaries
Pheromones in the press

The power of pheromones has been presented by 20/20, Dateline, Penthouse, Playboy, Chic, Swank, Vogue, Omni, Discovery, the Stern and many medical journals, the Berliner Zeitung, the Berliner Morgenpost, the McCall's Magazine, CNN, the Deutsche Apotheker-Zeitung, Max, Facts, Bild, TV shows and newspapers from NY Times to L.A. Times.

'…For modern men parfumes such as Contact18 are available on the market already…A corresponding product for women is called Desire22. Trying will be rewarded.' (Schweizer Zeitung Facts 11.09.1997)

'Humans love via nose too – Love is nothing more than a complex chemical reaction.'
(Deutsche Apotheker-Zeitung 07.09.2000)

'Control via smell' - 'More than 50 pheromones are known until now…' (
Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung 07.12.2000)

'The VNO reacts in a fraction of a seccond to every pheromonal whiff: Already after the ten thousandth of a second the physiological effect is measurable.
' (Der Stern 1996)

'Pheromones influence human behaviour subconsciously, women are attracted by the smell.'
(World Medicine)

...'Our studies prove that people can communicate with the help of pheromones", thus the conclusion of researchers.' (Berliner Zeitung 13.03.1998)

'Beastly wicked – mysterious substances steer lust and love, sex and sympathie within a human.' (Der Stern 1996)

'Not in vain lies the head and therefore the nose of the woman usually next to the male armpit when cuddling.' (Der Stern 1996)

'Lowell Ponte, a former consultant for 'exotic weapons' stated in an interview: 'The use of the recently discovered chemical androstenons should be banned – the Congress should pass a law which prohibits the use of androstenons to influence voters by making politicians appear friendlier than they actually are.' (San Francisco Chronicle)

'What guides us in love affairs? The molecules do, says science. The nose was identified as the crucial love organ.' (Berliner Zeitung 6.6.1997)

'Certain evaporations, so-called pheromones, take a leading role in animal world related to recognizing, warning or sexually attracting attractants.' (Berliner Zeitung 25.03.1998)

'It is something women can't consciously smell, it effects the subconscious. A woman finds a man attractive without knowing why.' (Lifestyle, Texas)

'Just recently a human organ has been discovered that can detect animal sexual attractants: The vomeronasal organ (VNO), also called J-Organ. It is located at the top of the inner nose.' (Facts 20.04.1995)

'Pheromones can enhance the love life, pheromones send subconscious signals to the opposite gender which develops romantic feelings naturally this way.' (McCall\´s Magazin)
'Sex is like a chemical reaction.' (The Times)

'The females signal their readiness to conceive not only via optical signals...' '...but also via mysterious attractants and messenger substances, the pheromones.' (Facts 11.09.1997)

'Parfume, sex behind the ears – special fragrances influence the human sexuality.' (Facts 11.09.1997)

'Beguiling: Certain fragrances can attract men like moths.' (Facts 11.09.1997)

'Smell researcher Regina Maiworm of the Psychological University of Munster was able to prove with her study that women under the influence of the smell of the male androstenon hormone judge those men to be even more erotic in comparison to their previous judgement.' (Facts 20.04.1995)