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P6 Mega 10-fold 10ml Pheromones

P6 Mega 10-fold 10ml Pheromones

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P6 Mega 10-fold Pheromones is just right for men who are not overchallenged with one woman to wrap around each finger, for it gives them a cumulative portion of seductive power and boosts their ego. Enter a room wearing it and the temperature experiences a rise. Ideally, you will have a hard time running from flirts here and admiring offers there. Thus, use it as your own peril.

The 10-fold concentration of pheromones can evoke an effect of incredible vigor. They directly transmit the image of a man who knows what he wants and is held back by nothing on the way to fulfilling his goals to the female olfactory sense. And that is exactly what women want.

Play with your charm and offer them a strong shoulder to lean against. Let the pheromones do the rest. Developing fulfillment in love life ought to no longer be a hurdle.


Author: Tuncay
Really great the stuff. The women are like magic. I will buy again and again. Super Service! Top, top!

5 of 5 Stars!
Author: anonym Lippe
I personally find the smell is not so intoxicating. However, I have found that at least in combination with Androvita the contacts are also relaxed and stimulating.

4 of 5 Stars!
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