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Love & Desire for Women 50ml EdP with Pheromones

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  • Love & Desire for Women 50ml EdP with Pheromones

    LOVE & DESIRE - Pheromones for Women - new Edition: stronger

    Noble perfume with pheromones for women

    Love & Desire has a sexy, fruity-floral and very feminine fragrance.
    It is young, sensual, sophisticated, hot, aggressive and defiant.
    This fragrance is provocation, fascination, passion - but not indifference.
    Hardly any man can resist this fragrance composition!

    This fragrance is a mixture of:
    blackcurrants, pears, Italian clementines, oranges, ginger blossoms,
    hibiscus seeds, freesias, Californian cedar, vanilla

    Love and Desire, unlike many of the other pheromone fragrances, contains 4 highly concentrated feromones:
    ...two other pheromone components in addition to androstenone and androstenol: Androsterone and androstadienone.

    Women who wear this fragrance have an aura that can attract people in their immediate surroundings

    Whenever it comes to contact with people: Love&Desire can be a great help in every area of life,
    be it flirting, at work, in everyday life, in relationships or in negotiations:

    50 ml bottle of eau de perfume (1.66 fl.oz.)


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