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Pheromones.co.uk - Desire22 neutral scented Pheromone Perfume

Desire22 neutral scented Pheromone Perfume

Have you always wanted to experience the life of a woman who turns men’s heads by the dozen?
Then Desire22 for women going hunting for prey, short D22, is for you. Desire22 has a neutral scent to it but is full of seductive impact.
The pheromones androstenol and copulines cater for the effect. The product was developed specially to make you more attractive to men. As one of the oldest and most sold pheromone perfumes worldwide, it is a real classic and can be warmly recommended.
The pheromones are sensed via the olfactory sense and can help you find your Prince Charming, as you are able to develop covetousness and decrease inhibition thresholds. Even your long-term relationship can experience a fresh dash.
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11 Reviews


4.5 of 5 Stars!

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  • Rating:

    I like it. Ordered it for the second time. Not sure if it attracts the opposite sex, but I feel more

  • Rating:
    Heike Wagner

    Very fast delivery!

  • Rating:

    I am a bit disappointed. Previously I had a different product with different ingredients and I was a

  • Rating:
    Julia Tappe

    Hello dear Team! I must say, this product has convinced me - after having left much to be desired An

  • Rating:

    We, two sisters, have tested Desiree. I went to the 'Oktoberfest an I must say, that it really had w

  • Rating:

    Hello! We, two girl (my sister and me) today delivered D22. The delivery was really fast! More we ca

  • Rating:

    So, I would first say to me that I'm not exactly ugly. I have thought but still, to get the Desiree.

  • Rating:

    Well, now applied. I really must say, it is completely odorless. I do not think it smells of sweat.

  • Rating:
    Angela Dimnik

    Dear Team! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

  • Rating:
    Sandra, 20

    Even though it probably is imagination ... it works! I radiate at least more self-confidence when I

  • Rating:
    V (33)

    D22 I use regularly for about 9 months. I am totally convinced (shall I be, otherwise I'd not order

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