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Pheromones.co.uk - Corporate Unscented 25ml Pheromone

Corporate Unscented 25ml Pheromone

Corporate unscented. The formula for trust for women and men, especially at work.
Fragrance: unperfumed
Bottle of 25ml

Corporate is a new, unique spray. This advanced pheromone product can relax and create an aura of confidence, self-assurance and respect in one's own environment. An increased communication can also arise.

This pheromone formula can be used by both men and women.

Corporate is particularly suitable for business talks and negotiations. But also for job interviews or exams. Corporate should give the wearer a confident aura and unconsciously stimulate the immediate environment. It should make people open and accessible. Test your new possibilities.

unscented: This fragrance variant is designed to combine this perfume with your favorite perfume or other perfumed product.
Corporate Unscented 25ml Pheromone

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    L C

    I am in sales and my sales conversion rate has improved since I started using Corporate Unscented. T

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