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Contact18 neutral scented Pheromone Perfume

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  • Contact18 neutral scented Pheromone Perfume

    Contact18, also known as C18, is the secret weapon of men primed for conquest.
    They know it is not about expensive wrist watches, big cars, or corny quotes, but rather about having a good scent to oneself. This is where Contact18 comes into it all. The specially attuned combination of highly dosed synthetic human pheromones (attractants) androstenol and androstenone make it possible.
    These are basically free of scent and can unfold their effect to the fullest. The perfume was developed to boost your attractiveness and raise your self-confidence.

    As one of the oldest pheromone perfumes available for sale it is a real classic, and you should not be missing out on it.


  • Reviews
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Stuart Romain
    Great product, works well, people love me. It's really adding life to my popularity. I will buy some ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Mindaugas Cepas
    Worked for me, I am very happy. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - A. K.
    Quick delivery. Good product. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - klim bim
    The C18 bottle arrived today (paid with paypal) after five days (weekend between). I will try it nex ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Emil Wukits
    It is fantastic. Particularly the delivery is great. Thank you and go on. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - 123
    This was the first product I've bought here. I was initially sceptical about whether it works. Then ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - ich
    So how it looks, it does not really work. I will test it yet, until the bottle is empty. Previous 's ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Anonym
    The effect is absolutely unique. A friend of mine, which I am interested for some time, who never wa ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - anonym
    It smells a little at the beginning of sweat, but the smell fades quickly. Effect is good. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Peter R. Bätge
    Average. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Andre
    I could hardly see a change. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Jens R.
    Unfortunately I can not tell the difference. At a party I'm the only C18 had on it and I came just t ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - EinMann
    I use the product for three weeks, it works great. What will not happen: If you're a shy guy who's m ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Andreas
    Well, until now I had reported no success. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Hoffmann Christian
    The delivery was flawless and very fast. I believe I have already noticed signs that it works, but I ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Sebastian Bamberg
    The delivery was fast, it was ever positive. The effect of it is to be seen. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - anonym Lippe
    I would like to buy more and more often if the bottles are not so small and the price was not as hig ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Herr Bouchami
    So, hello first. Now I have, as I have been waiting for. A small amount, but I'll try. I'll see if t ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Kerstin Bouchami-Kutluca
    I ordered it today, I wonder if it works! I ordered today, I wonder if it works! ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Doreen Richter
    Hi, I ordered a pheromone perfume and would like to test it. My question is, 'How long the effect of ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Birkenschubser
    A colleague of mine has seen a considerable success with your products, madness! Now I want to order ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - olaf
    I find that are the products of the madness. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Ausprobierer xD
    First of all I want (as everyone else) say that the delivery times for that product are absolutely w ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - BigBausOfTheNauf
    Two days ago I went out with a friend. I have applied the perfume on the wrists and my clothes. As w ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Mambo!
    Hi, after long intense studies with C18, I am also come to the conclusion that it works for some wom ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - dereineaufdemstuhlda
    I have ordered the C18 and the Andro Vita. Good delivery. And they both don't smell like sweat. But ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Nexxus83
    Thank for the fast delivery, the product was already here after four days… I'm going to have a furth ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - bimbi
    Thank you for the fast delivery! I use the stuff now for two weeks and am not sure if it works. Gree ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Michi
    Fast delivery! I do not know if it's up to C18, or whether it is simply a coincidence, but I have a ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Voller Hoffnung W
    I am a woman and I have ordered the extra C18 in order finally to appeal to women. I adore for one f ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - roadbuster
    The delivery was very fast. Really great. Get the C18 test times today. Hopefully it lives up to its ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Phero Tester
    Madness! Of the type produced, I would say that I am a little above average. I find it easy to get i ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - andreas
    Wow, this was a New Year's Eve. We were in an expensive club with a lot of Czech models. Previously, ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Ralf
    I can confirm the entry of Jörg. Sometimes less is more. But only sometimes. I had sometimes even mo ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Ricco
    I have bought C18, so I can move my girlfriend for more sex – and it works Until now I had sex every ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Jörg
    A small tip for C18 users: When I first flashed my C18, I used five times on the neck and wrists dis ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Toaster
    I have now ordered a second time and I'm admittedly still skeptical (though I think the effect in pr ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - anonoym
    Wow! I too have kept all the messages in this forum for fakes. But C18 actually works. I've been hot ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Kai
    Hello together, I wanted to report only briefly because of first experience with C18 ... Anticipated ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - ike
    First of all, hello to the team of and also to all guests who stop by here from time to time. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Gerd
    Hi! For over a year I use both C18 and Andros and Pheromax. Determined in 90% of all cases a signifi ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Bjoern
    Hello! So, I do not know if it is perhaps fancy yet, but my colleague and I use C18 for about six mo ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Bratislaw
    Yes, hi, hehe. Bettina finally came to me. I cooked rice and then she took off her bodice. She has n ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - move
    Hi, I am very confident of C18. But in the shop there are also still 'Andro Vita Pheromones for Men' ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Angelus
    Hi guys! I just want to officially thank you for your high times fast delivery! Had ordered Sunday n ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Freestyler
    I've bought the pheromone perfume a month ago! I have already used a few times - no response - no id ... more
    I have already ordered C18 often. And somehow the stuff seems to work really. Some of my friends tho ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Daniel Scheitler
    Got the c18 yesterday. Shipping was very fast, but so far I have noticed no reaction. My girlfriend ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Sandro Schulz
    So, first of all I want (like all others) to say that the delivery times of the product are absolute ... more
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