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Chakra for Men 10ml

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  • Chakra for Men 10ml

    Extremely strong pheromones for men based on a Chinese recipe

    A manly, strong fragrance, with a seductively oriental touch, which is bound to attract women.

    Chakra contains 7 pheromones, Androstenol, Androsterone and Androstenone as well as 4 further completely new and innovative pheromones for an even more powerful effect. According to the manufacturer, Chakra is the highest quality product in its category as it contains a very high concentration (0.727 mg/ml) of attractants/pheromones.

    Just a few drops suffice to produce a tangible effect.

    Can be very helpful in various areas of life:
    E.g. in your relationship, during flirting, in everyday life, during work and in negotiations.


    Made in the EU according to a Chinese recipe

    10ml dropper bottle


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