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Aurador Female Unscented 12 ml Pheromones

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  • Aurador Female Unscented 12 ml Pheromones

    Sex appeal, confidence, seduction

    Innovative, high-quality trend product to increase your success in love and partnership.
    A pheromone product for women that uses mainly the female pheromone estratetraenol (tetra), as well as the male pheromone androstadienone (andros). It strengthens the gender-specific properties and thus demonstrably increases your sexual charisma and appeal.
    Especially developed for use in the private & love life.

    It accentuates femininity, makes women seem sexy and seductive, and conveys sympathy as well as confidence.
    You signal sociability and dismantle barriers - on dates, at parties and on vacation. If you've already found the right partner, revitalize your relationship with AURADOR and strengthen the harmony in your marriage.
    Developed with German and American scientists.

    12ml bottle

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