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Pheromones.co.uk - Andro Vita For Women Pheromones 30ml

Andro Vita For Women Pheromones 30ml

This exclusive scent spreads an air of feminine self-confidence, coupled with seductive eroticism. Your irresistible elegance helps you wrap men round your finger and turns them in to you helplessly.
The secret behind this very special perfume lies in the synthetically produced pheromones, which unfold their greatest effect by means of purity. Pheromones have no scent of their own and are perceived by the subconscious. Thus, it is impossible to remove oneself from their impact. Several scientific studies have indicated that pheromones contribute to decreasing inhibition thresholds, enhancing self-confidence and make the first approach easier.
Don’t miss out on experiencing greater success in your love life!


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  • Rating:

    I ordered this product yesterday and had the first opportunity to test the effect. I was very pleasa

  • Rating:
    Alexandra Palm

    I'm really excited about Andro Vita! I (a female) will now every time I go out at night, be dredged

  • Rating:
    Julia Tappe

    So, my dears. The perfume does not have the desired effect. My boyfriend did not respond to it. It o

  • Rating:
    Julia Tappe

    Hello, dear ones!! The perfume is mega- great!!! My initial concerns that the combined scent to me m

  • Rating:

    Hello! A big praise! I have recently ordered the 'Andro Vita Pheromone for women. At first I did not

  • Rating:

    Absolutely great!!! Total recommended.

  • Rating:

    I've tested the stuff and I'm really surprised about the stark effect! It brings a great deal of att

  • Rating:
    Katrin Binotsch

    Hello. The delivery time was really short and discrete. Great!

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