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Andro Vita For Women neutral scent Pheromones 30ml

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  • Andro Vita For Women neutral scent Pheromones 30ml

    How is it that some people seem sympathetic at first glance, whilst others hardly ever get any attention at all?
    It is often rather a matter of smell than looks or even intelligence. Even though pheromones are not sensed consciously, they play a large role in the first impression we get of other humans. Use this knowledge with Andro Vita For Women neutral scent and take action in coming across as sympathetic, open for new contacts, and alluring. The highly concentrated pheromone lotion ensures maximum success and can contribute to your meeting men easily or enhancing your current relationship.
    The positive effects grow visible even in vocational life, as pheromones help you emit self-confidence and determination.


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