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Pheromones.co.uk - Andro Vita For Men Pheromones 30ml

Andro Vita For Men Pheromones 30ml

A male scent created from unmatched aromas gives Andro Vita For Men Pheromones its distinctive character.
The actual secret lies in the use of diligently picked pheromones, which exert a subliminal effect on women. Not only do our customers report their own visible results, they were reinforced by independent scientific studies.

Pheromones can help you enroll women into conversations faster, intensify an existing relationship, or increase your success in business. Which is no surprise, as these messenger substances signal our sociableness to our fellow men as well as our physical status quo.
Daily hygiene often washes these messages away, which thus are misinterpreted. Andro Vita For Men can make this level of communication work!


12 Reviews


4.5 of 5 Stars!

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  • Rating:
    Mann 29

    It smells good and has a pleasant effect. I would mark it with a B!

  • Rating:
    Andreas Herzeg

    So, to me it works no better than good perfume. However, the women find that it smells very good.

  • Rating:
    Jürgen Mathis

    I'm in the trade and had noticed very often that after the use of Andro Vita my turnover rises marke

  • Rating:
    Bernhard Schramm

    The pheromone acts on the women not unlike perfume, I think.

  • Rating:
    Wolfgang Oertel

    Ordering, payment processing and shipping perfectly. Very recommended product.

  • Rating:

    Good Stuff, even works for me!!!

  • Rating:
    Neuer Tester

    Well, what can I say? I had a damn hot evening / night after the first application! Comment by her,

  • Rating:

    Insane stuff, I use it since two months. It worked for me immediately. Two splashes on the sweater,

  • Rating:
    Bollwurf & Donkajin

    We have testes it yesterday. Unbelievable. It works. Four women danced around and we had a flirt. Th

  • Rating:

    Really cool, only recommended. Works great ... with some experience in the application you're gonna

  • Rating:

    Really fast delivery (three days up to Austria). I am positively surprised by the impact. It smells

  • Rating:

    I had to overcome me once to do the stuff on it. It smells like sweat a little bit. Friends have tol

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