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Andro Vita For Men neutral scented 2-FOLD CONCENTRATION Special

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  • Andro Vita For Men neutral scented 2-FOLD CONCENTRATION Special

    Specially developed and equipped with high doses, this special edition of Andro Vita For Men neutral scented turns you into the master of allurement.
    You will receptive female hearts leap for joy and draw envious looks of other men toward you. The neutral scented pheromone lotion consists of high quality synthetically produced pheromones.
    Their effect was analyzed by several studies, and they are perfect for being combined with your favorite perfume or other pheromone products. Profit from the secret of the successful and enhance your own charisma and sex appeal. Countless customers have reported their own positive experiences to us, and we get more by the day.
    Whether your goal is success in business or love life, pheromones will be sure to assist you.


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    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Graham Cook
    Wearing this I met a lady for lunch and she left my house at three o'clock the next morning. ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - dae lae
    This certainly gets the attention with me from the females, not as good as P6 for me, but still work ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Johannes Schmidt
    I will not quite admit to myself, but the stuff really works! Even on evenings when I forgot that I ... more
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