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Pheromones.co.uk - Andro Vita For Men neutral scent Pheromones 30ml

Andro Vita For Men neutral scent Pheromones 30ml

Pheromones can turn you into the cock of the walk at each party and during each date.
They address the senses of receptive women and can help decrease false inhibition thresholds without being obtrusive. Ideally, pheromones help you assume control of your first impression on others even before the first looks are exchanged. Leave nothing to chance and take the initiative yourself!

Andro Vita For Men neutral scent Pheromones enables pheromones to unfold their effect ideally and on a large scale.
You will soon notice the admiring glances directed at you, as well as your shifting to the centre of attention. It is an unparalleled, long-lasting experience. A small amount can be enough for you to feel self-confident and ready for conquest. What are you waiting for?
It is high time to search the adventures and discover hidden treasures.


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4.5 of 5 Stars!

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  • Rating:
    Simon B.

    It seems that it was not as effective as others.

  • Rating:

    The product arrived very quickly. I can not even say if it works.

  • Rating:

    You will notice quite quickly that women are more open and friendly and you just come over sympathet

  • Rating:

    So, I've tried it on my girlfriend - several times - and I noticed nothing. My girlfriend has neithe

  • Rating:
    Jannis Dommermuth

    Really cool. It really works, and the delivery only took two days. Best service, good work. I will c

  • Rating:
    der Genießer

    I can definitely confirm the effect.

  • Rating:

    In any case, a colossal difference when I step over a woman - with or without Andro Vita. Charisma a

  • Rating:
    K. M.

    Fast discreet delivery, I am satisfied. About the effect I can not say anything yet...

  • Rating:
    François Foucher

    The stuff really works, and this is not imagination, I am very skeptical about it. It even works wit

  • Rating:

    Very well.

  • Rating:

    Hey, good delivery times. I just ordered it yesterday, today it was there. I'll just try later.

  • Rating:

    First of all a big praise and thank you for the fast delivery. I will test the product at the weeken

  • Rating:

    Well, I do not know if was the imagination, but I felt as if I have the girls looked longer and more

  • Rating:
    Man aus dem Süden

    I ordered the stuff several times and now I've come to the conclusion that it does't work to any wom

  • Rating:

    Such a crap - I only wanted to flirt a little more – and now the women in the disco don't go from my

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