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Andro Vita For Men neutral scent Pheromones 30ml

Andro Vita For Men neutral scent Pheromones 30ml

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Pheromones can turn you into the cock of the walk at each party and during each date.
They address the senses of receptive women and can help decrease false inhibition thresholds without being obtrusive. Ideally, pheromones help you assume control of your first impression on others even before the first looks are exchanged. Leave nothing to chance and take the initiative yourself!

Andro Vita For Men neutral scent Pheromones enables pheromones to unfold their effect ideally and on a large scale.
You will soon notice the admiring glances directed at you, as well as your shifting to the centre of attention. It is an unparalleled, long-lasting experience. A small amount can be enough for you to feel self-confident and ready for conquest. What are you waiting for?
It is high time to search the adventures and discover hidden treasures.


Author: Heinz
The product arrived very quickly. I can not even say if it works.

4 of 5 Stars!
Author: 123
You will notice quite quickly that women are more open and friendly and you just come over sympathetic. The contact is much easier and also the further discussion is much looser and more relaxed. You will no longer be ignored. The effect is very variable, ranging from a casual conversation or just a relaxing mood to a rather offensive response in the disco. What you make of it is on yourselves - there is no automatic process, but it simplifies things. Even in situations where you do not 'want more', it is quite pleasant, because it just creates a relaxed atmosphere. It has no application to the disturbing odour, but does anyway, even if you do not perceive it yourself. You should not apply too much, otherwise it does not work. 2-4 sprayer, depending on the environment are super (smoke / many people / out you need something more, few people in a small space, you need something less). Where appropriate, you should add something after a few hours, as it loses, in my experience over time the effect. I have the feeling that all scentless products work better when they are applied in addition to your own perfume or the like. Perhaps it is perceived by stronger or more was added?

5 of 5 Stars!
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