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5 Alpha Woman Attraction 15ml Pheromones

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  • 5 Alpha Woman Attraction 15ml Pheromones

    5 Alpha Woman Formula Sex Attraction Pheromones
    Eau de Perfume with pheromones

    A unique light fragrance with a touch of spring for more success in your sex, personal and professional life.
    This perfume stands for popularity, attractiveness, control and femininity.

    The new 5-Alpha formula contains 4 pheromones: Alfa-Androstenol, Beta-Androstenol, Androspora and Estratetraenol.
    A small amount on your skin and/or clothing is sufficient. The fragrance - as well as the pheromones - last for a long time.
    Can be very helpful in various areas of life:
    E.g. in your relationship, during flirting, in everyday life, during work and in negotiations.

    15ml (0.5 fl.oz.) bottle

  • Reviews
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Vic Donald
    nice smell.I get complimented on how nice i smell. not sure if it adds to my 'attraction but every o ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Sylwia Bednarek
    Very good pheromone.people seem good,men's turn heads.five star ... more
    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - Sharon Pereira
    Have noticed people seem to be a bit polite., women as well as men ... more
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