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HOT Woman Gel 30ml extra Strong Pheromones

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  • HOT Woman Gel 30ml extra Strong Pheromones

    HOT Woman Gel extra Strong is your secret weapon for special evenings.
    Whether you and your partner are out for a posh event or having a date, this gel can rapidly boost your attractiveness and decrease inhibition thresholds.
    The highlight are the pheromones the gel contains, which are natural messenger substances without a scent of their own. Normally they come in human sweat, however most of them fall victim to daily hygiene. The highly dosed composition enables you to turn men’s heads by the dozen, as pheromones direct his attention toward your assets and make it easy to start a conversation.

    All you must do is be yourself and enjoy your fulfilled love life. Pheromones can be ignored by nobody, after all.


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