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HOT Man Pheromone Perfume Natural Spray

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  • HOT Man Pheromone Perfume Natural Spray

    HOT Man Pheromone Perfume Natural Spray is just right for men who know full well what they want.
    A small amount can be enough to turn you into a magnet for females and raise your live life to a new level.
    The pheromone compound, practically stored in a nebulizer, has no scent of its own and can be worn with your everyday perfume or after shave. Try it, you will soon notice the effect and will not want to live without.

    Pheromones are sensed via the olfactory nerve and turn you into the cock of the walk for receptive women. All you need to do is stay cool and let your natural charm do the rest. Imagine life with no woman being able to resist your charisma and your love life being fulfilled without thresholds.


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