HOT Man Pheromone Perfume 50 ml

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  • HOT Man Pheromone Perfume 50 ml

    Pheromone are the god of love’s gift to mankind.
    HOT Man Pheromone Perfume supplies you with concentrated amounts, which will ideally help you take women’s hearts by assault. A small amount is enough for the pheromones to come into their own. Many an admiring glance will be directed at you, and all you do is leave the work to your natural charm. Whether you want to add a dash to your existing relationship or experience a thrilling adventure:
    HOT Man Pheromone Perfume is your gateway to a fulfilled love life. The messenger substances decrease inhibition thresholds and cloak you in an air of trustworthiness and self-confidence.
    The rest develops all by itself.


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