Max Attraction Man 13.6ml - without scent

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  • Max Attraction Man 13.6ml - without scent

    Max Attraction Man: for men looking for a woman

    Fragrance-free / unscented pheromone product from the USA.
    The best-selling unscented / fragrance-free mixture of pheromones according to the manufacturer.
    Every Max Attraction Man bottle contains 13 mg of pure pheromones; this is two times more than what is offered by most other pheromone products on the market.
    You should notice a dramatic difference in how women react to your sex appeal. Improve your love life.
    Take two or three drops of the Max Attraction Pheromone oil on your fingers and massage the substance on your neck, behind your years and on your wrists.
    Go ahead and test this unscented pheromone perfume.
    13.6 ml (0.46 Fl Oz) bottle

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