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Andro Vita Men Natural Body Spray Pheromone 150 ml

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  • Andro Vita Men Natural Body Spray Pheromone 150 ml

    This pheromone composition was developed specially to spread the sexual messenger substances extensively across your entire body, your hair, on textiles, or throughout the entire room.
    Andro Vita Men Natural Body Spray unfolds the positive effects of pheromones to the fullest. You can profit from all the advantages you gain with receptive women, such as enhanced self-confidence and a new sense of bliss in life.
    As it has no scent of its own, it is ideal for use alongside other perfumes and pheromone products. Cloak your home in a seductive veil for special events and increase your effect on women. Our high quality pheromones make it easy for you, as has been validated by countless content customers.
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