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Alpha Dream Women Charme Jasmine Nights 36ml Pheromone

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  • Alpha Dream Women Charme Jasmine Nights 36ml Pheromone

    Charme is intended for mature women who are looking for younger men. Become a favourite with men.


    A strong and sophisticated combination of pheromones from 7 different pheromones with 21.35mg of pheromones and 20mg copulins per bottle.


    Experienced and mature women are sexy. Be irresistible. This pheromone formula will enhance your radiance. For self-assured women who love conquering (young) men. Become an experienced, self-assured woman with youthful and self-confident radiance with Charme.


    What more do you need for men to succumb to you?  

    Jasmine Nights: a super sexy, extremely seductive blend of milky bitter almond and caraway, on the one hand encompassed by jasmine, on the other by sensuous musk and ample vanilla. This scent, inspired by Cleopatra, can shake the pillars of Rome. An evening scent. 

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