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Alpha Dream Women Alfa Donna Jasmine Nights 36ml Pheromone

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  • Alpha Dream Women Alfa Donna Jasmine Nights 36ml Pheromone

    Alfa Donna is the scent with the “bad girl formula.” It will turn you into an alpha female, to seduce men. Be self-confident, self-assured, daringly uninhibited, and especially sexy. Be irresistible.


    A strong and very seductive pheromone formula with 5 different pheromones (17.4mg per bottle) and 28mg of copulins per bottle.


    Alpha Donna is especially suited to energetic women who want men to long for their touch. These pheromones are intended to strengthen your natural pheromones with synthetic pheromones. Conjure up an intensive magnetic aura and let the men around you fall into a trance.  

    Jasmine Nights: a super sexy, extremely seductive blend of milky bitter almond and caraway, on the one hand encompassed by jasmine, on the other by sensuous musk and ample vanilla. This scent, inspired by Cleopatra, can shake the pillars of Rome. An evening scent. 

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