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Alpha Dream Trans-Women Exotique Romantic Flower 36ml Pheromone

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  • Alpha Dream Trans-Women Exotique Romantic Flower 36ml Pheromone

    Exotique is intended for transsexual women.

    An extremely strong combination from 8 different pheromones with 29.75mg of pheromones and 32mg of copulins per bottle.

    The first product of this type. Experiment with this new formula which can help transwomen to have a special pheromone effect which men will love.

    Most people wouldn’t admit it, but studies have shown that the “third gender”  are very attractive to men. “Exotique” could change this. This formula was developed for transwomen to give them an especially feminine pheromone aura. Experiments with this product were satisfactory. Note: This product is intended for transwomen in the transitional phase.

    Romantic Flower: a romantic, fresh floral fragrance, which is based on a mixture of lilies of the valley and soft roses, accentuated with hints of basil, bergamot, black currant buds, and sensual musk. A warm flowery scent with a lot of romance. A daytime scent.   

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