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Alpha Dream Men LIIK Sandalwood 36ml Pheromone

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  • Alpha Dream Men LIIK Sandalwood 36ml Pheromone

    LIIK is the newest pheromone creation from Alpha Dream: LIIK = License to Kill

    Alpha LIIK is the scent with the “undercover agent formula.” For men who want to attract women. It is a mix of the strengths of Alfa Maschino with special pheromones for increased attractiveness, more feelings and trust. A very diverse product. A complex blend of 9 different human pheromones. With the strength of 34mg of pheromones per bottle, you can’t not have an effect.

    LIIK was developed for romantic encounters, with cuddles, kissing, flirting, sex, etc. This spray is intended for hot flirting, not for finding the “love of your life.”

    36ml bottle 

    Sandalwood Musk: Alpha Dream’s second most popular scent for men.

    Aromatic spices and wood with top scents of lemon, nutmeg, sage, lavender, and tarragon, with a base of cedar wood, tonka bean and deep, rich sandalwood musk. Rugged, all around and very masculine. A daytime scent.

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