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Alpha Dream Men Certo Unscented 36ml Pheromone

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  • Alpha Dream Men Certo Unscented 36ml Pheromone

    Certo is the scent with the “good guy formula.” Women love heroes. It should create a trusting and disarming atmosphere around the wearer. Go beyond the physical level with Certo. It is intended to cause long-term love and relationships with its intimate pheromone formula.

    A strong and sophisticated combination of pheromones from 7 different pheromones. With 21.5mg of pheromones per bottle, you are sure to become a favourite with women.


    Certo is best used when you are together with your partner or for social gatherings where you will meet women who are looking for a relationship.

    unscented: a type of scent to be worn together with your favourite perfume or any other perfumed product.

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    TEXT_OF_5_STARS - ckorni
    makes women very chatty and tell u personal things about them that will not tell u other times.
    I s ... more
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