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Alpha Dream Men Alfa Maschio Leather & Steel 36ml Pheromone

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  • Alpha Dream Men Alfa Maschio Leather & Steel 36ml Pheromone

    Alfa Maschio is the scent with the “bad boy formula.” For men who want to attract women. This combination of pheromones  is designed to give men an alpha male effect.  It will show women that you are sexually superior, very strong, and irresistible. Alfa Maschio is the strongest Alpha product.

    A complex blend of 8 different human pheromones. With 29mg of pheromones per bottle, you can’t not have an effect.


    Alfa Maschio is best used for a first date with your dream woman, if you want to get close to her or for a sexual encounter.

    Leather and Steel: an ultra-modern scent for men. A sophisticated blend of tough leather, black tea, warm rosewood, bergamot, cedar and oakmoss, sweet vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood, as well as masculine musk. A scent for the city.  

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